The facts about sprinkler systems make compelling reading. No one has ever died in a domestic fire where a fire sprinkler system was fitted. Furthermore, 99% of fires in commercial buildings are controlled by sprinklers alone. Sprinklers are a simple, cost-effective and highly reliable piece of fire protection equipment. They are valuable in both commercial and domestic properties, reducing injuries by at least 80 per cent and property damage by 90 per cent. Complete fire safety is the ultimate aim.

A sprinkler system comprises three main components

  • A water supply, which may be the town mains in the street (if adequate in capability); a sectional water tank and pump set or similar self-contained water source.
  • A means of controlling the supply of water into the sprinkler system, usually through sets of valves, a network of pipes and individual zones.
  • An array of sprinkler heads strategically placed throughout the protected area to the requirements of the relevant standard.

Full service solutions, fully compliant with regulations

PTSG designs, supplies, installs and commissions fire sprinkler systems for commercial in accordance with BSEN 12845 and residential buildings in accordance with BS9251/BSEN 16925 in the United Kingdom. Our systems ensure complete fire safety and our flexible installation teams can provide the perfect system for any building type or layout.

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