Please click on the button below to go to the website of PurePower, our specialists dedicated to the servicing and maintenance of sprinkler pumps.

Sprinkler systems must be tested and inspected, with any additional maintenance work carried out by skilled engineers. Similarly the building’s fire pump must receive regular testing, inspection and maintenance.

PTSG specialises in maintaining pump rooms for a wide variety of customers, ensuring they are working at optimal efficiency, This is a vital element of safety and ensures compliance with the latest standards.

We work with systems that are operated from a building’s pump room – servicing and maintaining equipment that extinguishes fire by the immediate release of a safe suppression agent. Suppression systems generally use a combination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents and are known to be highly effective in emergency situations.

The service support we deliver after work is completed on site ensures that any further issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, with no interruption to our customers’ business. This provides unrivalled peace of mind. Visit our constituent company Pure Power for more information:

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