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Designing, installing, testing and maintaining systems that are relied upon throughout the UK

PTSG provides a full range of fire solutions that include prevention and suppression systems. We also provide tailored security systems for a whole range of public and private buildings.

Fire safety is one area of a building’s operation that cannot be compromised. In recent years, high-profile incidents have put fire safety at the front of people’s minds and high in the priorities of building owners and managers. 2017 saw a call for a more rigorous approach to compliance and UK safety regulations.

PTSG reorganised its entire business as a result. Since PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd was established it has seen unprecedented growth and its services remain in high demand. We are called upon to provide sprinkler systems in both commercial and domestic buildings, providing vital peace of mind for building managers and users alike. To date, no one has ever died in a fire with a sprinkler system in the household. We aim to keep it that way, adopting the latest technology to ensure our systems become ever more sophisticated and effective.

Fire safety must be the foundation upon which all buildings are constructed, with rigorous regular testing and maintenance. It is now integrated as one of our biggest growth areas; by continuing to keep quality and safety clearly aligned, we will safeguard the users of the buildings we work on.

In addition to sprinkler systems, we design, install and maintain dry and wet risers, test and inspect fire hydrants and we also provide fire safety training and risk assessments. We have recently added passive fire services to our portfolio – everything from fire-rated doors and glazing to fire compartmentation. Our complete fire protection solutions will ensure your facilities remain safe and compliant. We have built a strong reputation for providing a thorough and high-quality service, which is vital when the stakes are so high.

Building security is the other main area of expertise in our Fire Solutions division. We provide a full suite of security services including intruder alarms, CCTV, access control and bespoke specialist security systems. From simple stand-alone solutions through to intelligent, complex, integrated systems, our solutions can provide multiple levels of fire and security protection.sol

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