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Welcome to PTSG Electrical Services Ltd – the UK’s leading provider of lightning protection services and electrical compliance services.

The services and equipment we provide saves lives, time and money. It really is as simple as that.

48 UK centres of operation

As electrical contractors, it is the quality of our workmanship, delivered from our 48 UK centres of operation Group-wide, that has made our client base grow to include some of the best-known names on the high street as well as collaborative working relationships with some of the major first-tier contractors.

Whether it is the testing of portable appliances or the design and installation of a complete building lightning and surge protection system, PTSG Electrical Services delivers an unsurpassed level of expertise gained from many years of experience. That gives you valuable peace of mind, knowing your staff, buildings and customers are safe.

Electrical compliance

Electrical compliance is a legal necessity in the workplace and our experts will form a collaborative working relationship with you to ensure your workplace not only meets the latest legislative requirements, protecting your duty holder at all times, but performs more efficiently. We use real-time online reporting to ensure your safety records are always current, accurate, consolidated and documented with a version history. We enable records to be viewed and printed from anywhere, across multiple sites.

The UK’s oldest trading provider of lightning protection

PTSG Electrical Services Ltd. is the largest of the Group’s five divisions. It combines the talent and experience of some of the UK’s leading practitioners in their field. In lightning protection, this includes JW Gray – dating back to 1835, it is believed to be the oldest trading service provider of its kind in the UK, possibly even in Europe. Further companies acquired in the south-west, north-west, midlands and Scotland give PTSG a national reach.

Protecting installations and reputations

One of the Group’s largest acquisitions took place in 2018, which confirmed its place as the UK’s leading compliance specialist. Companies using PTSG Electrical Services Ltd. can be sure that not only do their electrical installations meet the latest industry regulations, they also operate more efficiently and their reputation is secure.

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