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Fire sprinkler systems need to be inspected and tested at least annually. Regular routine maintenance ensures systems are compliant and fully operational should they be called upon in an emergency. Utilising our nationwide network of service centres, PTSG undertakes servicing, repairs and maintenance to all fire sprinkler installation systems.

Our inspection procedure includes:

  • Operating control valves and testing tamper switches.
  • Ensuring local and electronic alarm devices function properly.
  • Operating inspectors test valves to ensure operation of flow switch(es).
  • Performing flow test on system or pumps.
  • Inspecting sprinkler heads for rating, damage, obstructions or corrosion.
  • Testing water flow and operation of fire pumps and jockey pumps.
  • Trip testing dry-pipe, pre-action and deluge valves as applicable.
  • Inspecting gravity tanks, reservoirs and pressure tanks.
  • Replacing rubber seals on valve sets.
  • PTSG provides you with a detailed report of the operation and condition of your system.

Our comprehensive testing and reporting procedures give our clients complete confidence in the quality and effectiveness of their sprinkler systems, including control valves, water supply, pipework and all other associated equipment.


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