Dry risers are vertical water mains fitted into staircase enclosures or similar, with outlet valves on each floor to enable the fire brigade to connect to the water supply at ground level. They consist of a vertical pipe with an inlet at ground level on an outside face of the building and outlets (known as landing valves) fitted in cabinets at each floor level, allowing fire and rescue service personnel to pressurise the main from their appliances. Rising mains in buildings can be either filled with water (wet riser) or left dry (dry riser). The current standard for the installation and maintenance of dry riser systems is BS9990 2015.

PTSG has established a reputation for delivering a cost-effective, time-efficient and professional service, ensuring that your dry and wet riser systems remain safe and compliant at all times. We have worked for some of the UK’s leading organisations including the Olympic Stadium – where we tested and commissioned all the dry riser systems at the stadium; NHS hospitals – maintaining dry risers (as well as fire hydrants and sprinkler systems); and Fairview Homes – installing a dry riser system covering 700 apartments over 13 acres.

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