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Domestic sprinklers

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Within domestic properties, the British standards are BS 9251:2014 for residential sprinklers and BS 8458:2015 for residential and domestic mist sprinkler systems.

We specialise in high rise blocks of apartments, houses, care homes, sheltered housing and retro fit installations, many of which have been for various councils.

Fire sprinklers are now widely used as part of the fire strategy in new-build homes and some building regulations require them to be fitted during building renovations.
The type of system will either be fed off the existing/proposed boosted cold-water supply, the town’s main or a dedicated fire pump and tank. Which one is used will depend on the pressure and flow requirement as each system will undergo full hydraulic calculations.

The pipework can be run in voids or within specialised boxing to make the system invisible. The sprinkler heads come in many types, the most commonly used being a concealed sprinkler that sits flush with the ceiling, ensuring the room remains aesthetically pleasing.

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