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We are specialists in design, installation, testing and certification of critical access and safety equipment and systems

PTSG Access & Safety Ltd is a leading suppliers of specialist safety equipment and services for the construction and FM sectors.

The original business division of the Group was founded in 2007. PTSG Access & Safety Ltd was formed through acquisition of some of the most experienced and accomplished service providers in the country. We have offices throughout the UK and can now be mobilised to attend all projects nationwide with the aim to deliver the full spectrum of access and safety services.

For PTSG, access and safety encompasses all types of equipment that allows engineers to safely access all areas of every kind of building to carry out specialist service. These ranges from testing and certification of roof anchor points to servicing and maintenance of the world’s largest BMUs.

At PTSG, we also provide rescue equipment and training services for our clients. Our reach and rescue kit is used for retrieving a colleague who has fallen from height. These kits are manufactured and tested to conform to European safety standards.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 apply to all work at height where there is risk of a fall liable to cause injury. They place duties on employers, the self-employed and any person who controls the work of others. Our training is well-known and respected throughout the industry. The training can be tailored to a particular industry or working method. We will provide the essential skills and knowledge needed to manage work at height operatives, operate a safe system of work or to effect a safe and swift evacuation or rescue. We can assist you in choosing the right safety training solution for your requirements and environment. We also provide ongoing re-certification and work at height support.

We offer a range of benefits to ensure that your job is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety:

  • Helpdesk
  • 24-hour call out
  • Health and safety
  • Quality accreditations
  • Environmental accreditations
  • Trade associations membersh
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