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Installation of new HV distribution equipment site-wide for a large logistics company in the UK.

The Specialist Earthing and Power division of PTSG Electrical Services Ltd. was contracted to produce an earthing study to assess the earth potential rise and associated touch and step potential values across a large site wide HV 11kV/LV distribution network. The original work scope was for a single location, which was expanded to include the existing site performance; this resulted in additional installation work and testing and the development of the site-wide works.

Soil resistivity surveys were undertaken across the site, along with the fall of potential measurements of existing substation locations. This information was used to finalise the earthing study with the production of design reports showing the Earth Potential Rise (EPR) along with detailed touch and step potential profiles for each of the substation locations.

Detailed earthing layout drawings, confirming conductor types, sizes and positions in addition to detailed technical drawings, showing how the earthing system was to be configured, were produced. The installation of the above earthing was undertaken by PTSG Electrical Services Ltd, with final verification and certification being produced.


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