In the realm of electrical safety, lightning protection testing stands as a paramount procedure, ensuring the safeguarding of structures against potential lightning strikes. It is indispensable to conduct professional testing annually post-installation to ascertain the system’s efficacy in directing lightning safely to an earthing point. By adhering to this practice, compliance with the stringent standards set forth by the Electricity at Work Act 1989 and BS EN 62305 is ensured.

At PTSG Electrical Services Ltd., a distinguished figure in the UK market, we take pride in our affiliation with the esteemed Association of Technical Lightning & Access Specialists (ATLAS). Our team comprises adept engineers, holding qualifications up to NVQ Level 2/3, who meticulously carry out comprehensive testing and inspection of lightning protection installations. Our commitment extends to verifying that installations align with precise specifications and remain compliant with prevailing legislation.

By prioritizing annual lightning protection testing, not only do we fortify structures against potential hazards, but we also uphold the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance. Trust PTSG Electrical Services Ltd. for thorough, professional, and compliant lightning protection solutions.

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