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Whether you are looking at a standard product or a bespoke solution, our team of experienced designers can advise you on the most effective and efficient design and installation to protect your building from ground strikes and power surges.

Working to BSEN 62305, the solution we provide can form part of a standard package or be provided as a bespoke solution. Where a BS EN 62305 solution is not practicable, we are also able to offer Early Streamer Emission (ESE) systems as a solution to your lightning protection needs.

Our engineers listen closely and understand our clients’ requirements and respond quickly, effectively and competitively to their needs. The end result is always a system that meets the performance specifications and complies with current standards and codes of practice.

We offer a range of services including reviews of existing designs, writing of new specifications and drafting of CAD drawings showing layouts and details. We can undertake this design service for both new builds – with the best advice and designs available if engaged at an early stage in the design process – and retro-fit installations.

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