Steeplejacking is a highly specialised niche technique, often practised and perfected over many years. It is used to maintain and protect structures such as church steeples and industrial chimney stacks, carrying out repairs to masonry, carpentry or paintwork, as well as cleaning and sandblasting.

The industry’s most famous exponent was Fred Dibnah who, having mastered his trade repairing chimneys, became aware of the demand for a cost-effective method of demolishing them. He presented a number of television series in the 1980s and 1990s on his steeplejack work as well as the industrial revolution and its mechanical and architectural legacy.

Today, PTSG is the market leader in the high-level maintenance industry, servicing clients worldwide, carrying out work to various building elements such as chimney stacks, cooling towers, flare stacks and other high and unconventional structures.

In all stages of work, from pre-site meetings through to completion, PTSG provides a professional and reliable service. Our trained and certified professionals have the skills to ensure that PTSG remains a market leader in the steeplejack industry.

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