2018…another strong year

2018 was a year in which PTSG continued to see solid growth, expanding its range of services even further within its chosen market sectors. As ever, the continued success can be attributed to our business model which combines organic and acquisitive growth, with our bundled service provision and compliance activities adding value for our customers and leading to greater returns for our investors.

A bigger market share

PTSG acquired M&P Fire Protection Ltd. in July, with Guardian Electrical Compliance Ltd. coming into the Group in October. Based in Kent, M&P Fire Protection Ltd. is a company specialising in the installation, maintenance and testing of dry and wet riser systems and commercial and domestic sprinkler systems. Guardian Electrical Compliance Ltd. is located in Sheffield and is a market-leading electrical compliance and testing company. These two companies complement and strengthen the provision of our Fire Solutions and Electrical Services divisions respectively.

PTSG has made 26 acquisitions since 2007, each carefully targeted to increase the breadth and quality of our niche building services, as well as our coverage of the UK. We now employ 850 people at 21 office locations, compared with 641 staff members and 16 offices at this time last year.

Each of the four divisions has performed well over the year, with Fire Solutions making a major contribution to the Group’s turnover only a year after it was formed.

Awards that recognise PTSG’s quality

PTSG has been well decorated with industry awards over the last 11 years, but 2018 was a particularly successful year, with wins and nominations as follows.



Looking to the future

BIFM rebranded in November 2018 and is now known officially as the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM). This represents a significant cultural shift, and the emphasis of the term ‘workplace’ resonates with PTSG and the approach it takes to working in multiple areas of the FM sector.

This bundled services provision is one area which sets PTSG apart from its competitors. Rather than contracting one of the Group’s divisions to provide a single service, it means that clients can benefit from multiple services – and the cost savings that brings. It has helped us to achieve a contract renewal rate in excess of 88% for several years running.

Our leadership team regards customer satisfaction as the measure of success and its contract renewal rate speaks of the satisfaction amongst customers, who repeatedly come to PTSG for high-quality, high-value niche building services.