In 2014, we launched MOUSE (Memorable, Outstanding, Unique, Service, Experience), a unique customer service-driven initiative. Each month, MOUSE speaks to someone in our team about their life inside and outside of work.

This month, we speak to Sarah Steel, the Group’s Maintenance Manager for Fall Arrest Testing, to see what her job involves, and what she gets up to when she’s out of the office. Overall, Access and Safety is the largest area of business for PTSG, so Sarah is kept very busy as she performs her vital role within Fall Arrest Testing.

At work
I have been with PTSG since November 2007, and throughout the years I’ve progressed to the role of Maintenance Manager for the Fall Arrest Division. During this time, I have seen the company grow considerably.

My role is varied and busy, looking after the engineers, as well as the divisional staff in the office, liaising closely with clients and attending meetings. It is my responsibility to make sure we meet our clients’ needs and service level agreement, and stay in line with the budget set out for the division.

At home
I have two children, one boy and one girl, and I spend my spare time with them going to our caravan on the East Coast as much as possible.