In 2014, we launched MOUSE (Memorable, Outstanding, Unique, Service, Experience), a unique customer service-driven initiative. Each month, MOUSE speaks to someone in our team about their life inside and outside of work.

This month, we speak to Adam Coates, the Group’s acquisitions director and company secretary, to see what his job involves, and what he gets up to when he’s out of the office. PTSG has acquired 20 businesses in the last eight years, so Adam has certainly been exceptionally busy during his time with PTSG.

At work
My role as acquisitions director sees me reviewing various businesses for potential acquisition opportunities, and finding out if they would be a good fit for the company. Following this I oversee the due diligence process through to completion.

As company secretary I’m involved in the formation of new companies, filing annual returns and a number of other tasks on behalf of the company. My job is varied, and I’m always nice and busy!

At home
I have two young children, so I spend most of my time outside of work with them. Whenever I do manage to get a bit of me-time, I really enjoy playing tennis and squash, so I try and get on the courts whenever I’m not too busy or tired out!