Suspended access equipment is any type of platform, scaffolding, or hoist that is suspended from a structure in order to perform maintenance or construction work. It is typically used to reach high places or to access difficult to reach areas.

Any building owner or manager that operates suspended access equipment that protects users from a fall from height has a duty to ensure that it remains safe and fit for purpose.

PTSG Access and Safety is the largest provider of cradle maintenance services for permanently installed suspended access equipment in the UK. We provide maintenance, inspection, testing and repair services for all types of equipment including building maintenance units, gantry systems, cradle systems, monorail systems and lifting equipment.

Our engineers maintain, inspect and test a wide variety of equipment. Principally we work on suspended access equipment such as building maintenance units, cradle systems, monorails, gantries and travelling ladders, ensuring that they are safe to use.

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