PTSG Group Safety, Health and Environment Advisor Mark Brackenbury has completed a fire marshal training session for staff at the Group’s Stoke-upon-Trent office.

The training equipped the delegates with the knowledge to identify fire hazards – heat, ignition, oxygen and fuel.

The key objectives are to:

* explain the nature of fire;

* demonstrate how fire can spread;

* identify who is at risk;

* identify the key role of a fire warden; and

* select the appropriate fire-fighting equipment.

Scenarios such as the explosion at Buncefield and The Bradford Football Stadium were used to give a clearer understanding of the stages of fire and how fire can spread.

The delegates learned how to raise the alarm, sweep their designated areas in the event of a fire and how to consider those who are less able than others. They were also shown how to carry out checks of the fire equipment – fire alarm tests, emergency lighting tests, fire extinguisher visual inspections and walking the escape routes to ensure they are clear and being maintained. They also learned how to carry out fire evacuation drills to ensure everyone knows the evacuation procedure.

Fire marshals play a crucial role in the event of a fire, they are trained to remain calm, raise the alarm and systematically sweep the area / their area ensuring all staff are accounted for and direct them to the designated muster point via the shortest path. They may also need to co-operate and co-ordinate with the Fire Rescue Service upon arrival.

Mark has also completed harness (inspection and safe use) training for one of PTSG’s sub-contractors to enable them to safely carry out the installation of a sprinkler system within a riser shaft. This is just one of the ways the Group works collaboratively with its supply chain.


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