Much of PTSG’s work is carried out at height and our specialists are highly trained and experienced in the various access techniques to reach all corners of a building. Safety is always the key and “If it can’t be done safely, we won’t do it.”

Perhaps more than any other division, PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd’s engineers work extensively at height as they deliver a full range of cleaning, maintenance, installation and decoration work.

The division began as a modestly sized high-level cleaning division of PTSG. This remains a core part of its services, delivering window and building façade cleaning services to clients in a wide variety of sectors.

However, with the continued growth of the Group over the last few years, further services have been added, and its operatives now deliver specialist services in the following four areas:

  • High-level cleaning (windows, facades, roofs)
  • Rope access solutions
  • Building fabric maintenance
  • Roof and gutter maintenance and repairs.
  • Steeplejack services

In reality, engineers may be engaged in everything from masonry restoration to signage installation and removal, painting and decoration, graffiti removal and specialist DOFF steam cleaning.

All members of PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd are IRATA-trained and use industrial rope equipment to service buildings and structures of all kinds, built in different eras for hugely diverse functions. Blackpool Tower, Wembley Park and Lincoln’s Waterside shopping centre are just some of the structures we have worked on recently, calling on our industrial rope access experts to get the best results.

Rope access equipment has the great advantage of being lightweight and is therefore easily mobilised on site. This enables PTSG’s engineers to install and remove all equipment quickly, causing minimal disruption and saving valuable time. Another advantage is that it is less obtrusive physically and visually, compared to scaffolding and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), for example.

Due to the unobtrusive nature of industrial rope access, certain buildings, such as shopping centres, can remain operational during works. The visual integrity of historic buildings is also largely unaltered during rope access works.

PTSG is also a market leader in the steeplejack industry, servicing clients worldwide, carrying out work to structures including chimney stacks, cooling towers, flare stacks and other high and unconventional structures.

In recent years, PTSG has added roof drone surveys to its services to help its clients to plan ahead for maintenance work. Thanks to the great level of detail provided by the drone footage, clients can see the exact condition of their buildings and any work PTSG’s engineers can deliver that will ensure they remain in first-class condition.

In 2022, PTSG’s engineers fully rebuilt the fire escape staircase to the exterior of 48 Albermarle Street – one of London’s most sought after cultural, retail and restaurant destinations in Mayfair. The painstaking work has restored the function, ensuring the safety of people who need to evacuate the building in the event of a fire.