PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd has many years’ experience in delivering a wide range of specialist services at height. Our extensive knowledge of working at height means that we can access virtually any part of any building – either internally or externally for cleaning and refurbishment purposes.

The acquisition of Nationwide Specialist Services (NSS) in January 2022 took PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd to an even higher level. NSS has an outstanding reputation for working at height in the safest way, which has led to impressive blue-chip client retention and development. The acquisition has created a combined business employing 2,300 people across 47 sites and ensures enhanced national coverage for PTSG’s customers.

Our IRATA-trained engineers use industrial rope equipment to service buildings and structures of all kinds, built in different eras for hugely diverse functions.

Rope access equipment has the great advantage of being lightweight and is therefore easily mobilised on site. This enables PTSG’s engineers to install and remove all equipment quickly, causing minimal disruption and saving valuable time. Another advantage is that it is less obtrusive physically and visually, compared to other access methods.

However, when the need arises, we are skilled and experienced in using scaffolding and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), making  our team fully equipped for every kind of project.

Blackpool Tower, Wembley Park and the BBC headquarters in Central London are just some of the structures we have worked on recently, calling on our industrial rope access experts to get the best results.

We also have a large team of steeplejack engineers cover the four corners of the UK. They design and install unique access systems to suit clients, each of whom has its own distinctive building(s). This may be a modern skyscraper, but it may also be a church steeple or an industrial chimney stack.

From Edinburgh to Greater London, we provide full, nationwide coverage for customers in the construction and FM industries.


High-Level Installations

  • Industrial rope access • Pest control • Signage • Lightning protection • Access and safety equipment • Cladding

High-Level Maintenance

  • General maintenance • External and internal repairs • Cladding removal/replacement • Decoration • Lighting maintenance • Glazing • Coating • Roof maintenance • Historical buildings • Brick and stonework

Steeplejack Services

  • Industrial chimneys • Guy wires • Flare stacks • Fabrication • Historical monuments • Power stations • Cooling towers

High-Level Cleaning

  • Gutter cleaning • Building cleaning • Window cleaning • Pressure washing • De-vegetation • Guano removal • Cladding cleaning/restoration