PTSG has an excellent track record as an employer and continues to work hard to look after its staff in many different ways. The group is proud of its self-motivated, driven and committed leadership team which works to deliver the best quality service to all of our customers.

Keeping employees happy in their work is always a priority for PTSG. A happy workforce makes a happy business, and we achieve this by investing time in our teams, developing their skills and knowledge and making sure they feel valued in their roles.

We are constantly looking for ways to thank and recognise/reward our teams all over the country for their exceptional work, whether that is through a day out for all 450 employees, or monthly prizes for those who go the extra mile to provide brilliant customer service.

We also ensure every employee has a clear understanding of the part they play in the company’s success, so that for many of our members of our team, wider business goals become personal goals as well. We recently did a feedback request to make sure all our team are happy with the business. The feedback came back as 70% of the team have been with us for more than eight years, and 97% of our team is either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience at the company.