Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) is well known as an expert in a wide range of specialist services. Our knowledgeable teams across the company are regularly called upon to provide training to maintenance personnel and operatives working at height, making sure they understand the best ways to deliver their work safely and effectively.

We make sure our approach to training benefits our clients and teams in the best way, ensuring it is high-quality, engaging and useful.

1. Make training hands-on

Practical training helps people to remember what they have learnt, and discussions, case studies and computer-generated animations can help to keep everyone engaged.

2. Keep training useful

Discussions about real situations and practical tasks mean people can put what they’ve learned straight to work.

3. Don’t lecture from the front

‘Classroom-style’ teaching may hinder people’s motivation to learn. Friendly and interactive learning is often much more effective.

4. Remember the pressures people face

Our training teams are experts in their industries and know exactly what trainees’ work involves. This allows them to see things from their perspective which is key to getting the message across.