An insight into our journey so far

From a standing start in 2007, PTSG has now become the UK’s leading provider of niche specialist services to the facilities management industry.

Our first acquisition was of an access and safety company, National Cradle Maintenance Limited, in 2007, which was funded by £0.9 million of equity from the founders. Since then, 23 further acquisitions have been funded through a combination of outside funding and internally generated cash flows.

One of the key generators of our growth has been the cross selling of services into our respective customer bases, and this will continue to be part of our strategy going forward. Our existing customers often choose us to provide other specialist services, as they already know the value and quality we offer. This has led to an 88 per cent contract renewal rate.

Originally created to fill a gap in the market for demand for a specialist business offering niche services, PTSG has since become the UK’s foremost provider of specialist services.

This business continues to grow, most recently with the acquisition of M&P Fire Protection Ltd., a specialist sprinkler company, expanding out Fire Solutions provision and geographical coverage in the South East.

As the company continues to grow we will continue to deliver based on our business philosophy of delivering well and delivering safely. This will be done by strengthening resources where necessary, targeting planned investment and maintaining a tight control on budgets.

Our growth is also backed by a strong financial team who have developed and implemented a capital structure that allows us to translate our high profits into cash, effectively allowing the business to keep operating.

The success of this approach was made clear with the recent collapse of Carillion, which had minimal impact on PTSG due to our strong risk management processes. The business ensures all FM companies are paying to terms to minimise any exposure and eliminate risk.

If you’d like to discuss how our expert teams can assist your business, please call Group Sales Director Andrew Dack on 07703 974527.