The facilities management industry relies heavily on high-quality procurement as the nature of contractor and subcontractor contracts leaves little room for error with margins that are often extremely thin.

Striking the perfect balance between cost effectiveness and quality can be a challenge and risks creating a race to the bottom, leaving in its wake an industry plagued by safety and quality issues.

One of the key tenets of PTSG’s success is the broad range of services it provides. This is its unique selling point, with the ability to offer bundled specialist services and giving customers cost-effective solutions that maintain an outstanding level of quality by using one dedicated contractor.

Having proven itself as a trusted and high-quality supplier for work across several areas, including access and safety, lightning protection, electrical testing, specialist building access, steeplejacks, high-level cleaning and fire solutions, PTSG has strong relationships with its customers and an impressive contract renewal rate of 88 per cent.

As a result, the organisation is often seen as the natural choice for existing clients that are looking for partners in other areas, securing more multidisciplinary contracts year on year. For example, a number of its long-term contracts with major FM companies have been extended in the last year to include the installation and maintenance of fire protection systems, simply due to the ease and peace of mind that comes with working with PTSG.

Paul Teasdale, CEO of PTSG, said: “We are extremely pleased that our unique way of doing business has been proven to create value not only for PTSG, but also for our customers and their people. Knowing that we are helping to drive change in a way that will have such important knock-on effects for the industry really gives our teams a huge boost in motivation to continue delivering consistently high-quality work.”