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INSIGHT – Compliance

PTSG is a leading provider of services that keep customers’ buildings compliant with the latest regulations. This, in turn, keeps them operating at optimum efficiency and, crucially, keeps building users safe. The Group offers solutions that are timely as well as affordable. Its engineers are available around the clock for both emergencies and scheduled contracts.

Some of the facilities PTSG works on, such as fall arrest systems, support engineers while they carry out test, inspection and maintenance services. They are relied upon to be operationally sound. There can be no compromise, as faults have the potential to cause a fall from height. The HSE reminds us that working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries.

For PTSG, safety is at the heart of every action within every project; as the mantra goes: “If it can’t be done safely, we don’t do it.”

Access & Safety

PTSG Access & Safety Ltd is the Group’s original business division and has a wealth of market-leading experience in both the design and installation of fall arrest systems and testing and inspecting them – certifying that equipment is safe and fit for purpose.

All work is carried out to meet the latest industry regulations. For example, the testing and inspection of eyebolts, vertical fall protection and rail systems, PPE is done strictly in accordance with BS EN 795, BS EN 365 and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Electrical Services

Electrical testing and inspection is one of the most in-demand of PTSG’s specialist services. The Group’s electrical services engineers are experts in the inspection and testing of fixed installations and portable appliances (PAT).

To meet the Electricity at Work Regulations (EaWR) 1989, all businesses must undergo periodic testing and inspection of their electrical assets. An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is produced when periodic electrical inspection & testing is carried out to a building or property by a certified electrician.

PTSG’s Complete Managed Compliance Service is based around TraQit – a unique interactive online portal that contains features such as instant reporting, exporting, hierarchical permission levels, search and filter functionality and more. It ensures customers’ records are always current, accurate, consolidated and with a version history capability. In consequence, the level of testing and therefore the costs can be justifiably reduced.

PTSG can ensure all building facilities are tested, certified, maintained and cleaned to remain at optimum operational efficiency all year round.

Building Access Specialists

PTSG’s team of permanently-employed operatives are access specialists, trained in the use of rope access equipment, mobile elevating platforms (MEWPs) and building maintenance units (BMUs) to reach all areas of buildings. This enables them to carry out a range of specialist services to ensure they remain in a first-class condition, complying with the latest regulations.

Fire Solutions

This business division has grown faster than any other over the last four years. PTSG now offers a comprehensive range of fire and security solutions for businesses in all industry sectors. As well as designing and installing a range of different systems to protect buildings and users, PTSG also offers testing, inspection and maintenance services to ensure all equipment is in first-class operational order and complies with the latest standards. This includes:

Back-up power

For organisations in many sectors, any cut in power can be disastrous without having a back-up system in place. Emergency stand-by generators provide back-up solutions for all kinds of businesses. Service and maintenance programmes are crucial to keep this equipment operationally efficient and guarantee it can be relied upon in the event of a power failure.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails. The importance of ensuring a UPS is in perfect working order is obvious and businesses rely on the servicing and maintenance packages PTSG provides.

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