The month of May saw PTSG involved in some of the biggest acquisitions for quite some time. As a result, the Group is now able to offer an even more diverse range of specialist services to clients in more industry sectors.

Electrical Services

The acquisition of Electrical Compliance and Safety Ltd (ECS), announced on 21st May, strengthens the offering of PTSG Electrical Services Ltd. ECS provides electrical testing, inspection, maintenance and installation services across all sectors. The company specialises in serving the social housing sectors, which enables PTSG to deliver our specialist services to customers in that area.

PTSG Electrical Services now includes PTSG Electrical Testing Ltd, a market leading electrical testing business and Guardian Electrical Compliance, which delivers the highest quality in electrical inspection and testing to clients nationwide. All use PTSG’s bespoke and highly acclaimed online management and reporting system, TraQit™.

Water Hygiene Services

PTSG also acquired Total Environmental Compliance (TEC), which is part of the same group of companies as ECS.

TEC is an Environmental Consultancy specialising in Legionella Management and will see PTSG offer legionella control and management of water systems – a new service offering and one which PTSG extensive customer base has been requesting. TEC forms the basis of a new business division: PTSG Water Hygiene Solutions Ltd.

PTSG will retain the ECS management team, which will continue to grow and expand the businesses as they are integrated into the Group’s successful delivery model.

Fire Solutions

Since the acquisition of Pure Power Ltd at the end of last year, PTSG has been working closely with the management team at the company’s headquarters in Northwich, Cheshire, to facilitate the effective integration into the Group.

Pure Power Ltd is the leading provider of maintenance solutions for automated pumped fire suppression systems. The work of the company’s skilled engineers is a vital element of fire safety in buildings and, ultimately, saves lives.

The company was established in 2015 but the combined experience  of its skilled operatives adds up to a  great many years. Due to the  quality  and timely delivery of its service, Pure Power Ltd has gained sole supplier status with many fire suppression systems suppliers.

As a result of the developments detailed above, PTSG, over the last six months, has significantly increased the breadth and depth of the specialist services it offers. Not only have the existing business divisions been strengthened, a new, fifth division has been created. This marks the start of a new growth period for PTSG and we look forward to keeping you up to date with how we are reaching more customers in more areas over the coming months.