PTSG has been a proud partner of IWFM for a number of years and is delighted to be a sponsor of the IWFM Impact Awards once again. The work of IWFM is invaluable in promoting FM and how it makes a real contribution to the performance of organisations, creating value rather than cost.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to businesses in a wide variety of sectors – and invariably it has been workplace and facilities management professionals who have been on the frontline of managing and overcoming the impacts.

Now our industry can recognise the crucial work of the profession throughout the last six months with the Awards’ new category, the COVID-19 Response Award.

It is free to enter and multiple entries are allowed, but nominations close on Wednesday 12 August, so you need to act fast. The winning entry will demonstrate all the hallmarks of a high-performance individual or team and serve as an inspiration in and beyond our profession.

We, as an industry, must take this chance to celebrate workplace and facilities management at its best and put a spotlight on the dedication, ingenuity and professionalism we have seen throughout the crisis.

Click here to find out more and to enter the COVID-19 Response Award.

Once you have submitted your entry, please keep reading to find out more about how we responded to the pandemic.

Unique training portal

To ensure all staff were fully prepared for a safe and effective return to work, we created a new course on the PTSG Training Portal which enabled all individuals in every area of the business to take a ‘Coronavirus Induction’.

The task of creating the technology and engaging, educating and mobilising all 1,300-plus people in a short space of time – in a way that aligns with guidelines set out by the Government and Public Health England – was immense. PTSG achieved this in time for a controlled return to work on 27 April.

Innovations in fire and security systems

Having been acquired by PTSG in January 2019, Trinity Fire and Security Systems Ltd (Trinity) strengthened the Group’s offer, enabling PTSG to deliver a fully comprehensive suite of fire suppression and prevention services, security systems, service support and maintenance packages, and compliance and asset management.

When it became clear that the coronavirus pandemic was going to have long-term effects, Trinity put together 16 innovative solutions for use by organisations in different sectors to keep all users of their facilities safe. These innovations are organised in the following four areas:

  • removing touch points, including devices to enable people to exit and move through buildings without using their hands, such as facial recognition devices at terminals
  • fever monitoring. A mixture of fixed and mobile devices give organisations versatility, with innovations including handheld, portable and fixed thermal fever screening and thermal facial recognition devices
  • social distance management. Density control systems, audible alerts and CCTV analytics are all ways for organisations to achieve the required social distancing in buildings
  • portable sanitising and signage. Devices for the rapid dispensation of sanitiser and signage solutions are further ways to enable different organisations to take steps for stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Innovation in Electrical Compliance

Electrical compliance is another significant area of business for PTSG. Guardian Electrical Compliance Ltd (Guardian) is one of the constituent companies of PTSG (acquired in 2018), offering industry-leading compliance services. Its engineers have adapted to a new way of working under the coronavirus pandemic, involving a number of safe working measures in addition to social distancing, PPE and sanitation.

Consistent with its history of innovation, Guardian is able to continue delivering its standard meetings through online meetings, with no particular software downloads required to participate. The risk of COVID-19 is completely eliminated as the technology allows Guardian to demonstrate its unique interactive website TraQit on screen, whilst commentary and client discussions continue throughout. With no vaccine or resolution in sight at the time of writing, that gives Dutyholders valuable peace of mind.

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