Electrical compliance is a significant area of business for PTSG. Guardian Electrical Compliance Ltd (Guardian) is one of the constituent companies of PTSG, offering industry-leading compliance services. Its engineers have adapted to a new way of working under the coronavirus pandemic, involving a number of safe working measures in addition to social distancing, PPE and sanitation.

That means maintaining plant and equipment, managing systems, processes, staff and visitors to site, all through the prism of good Health & Safety Management, HSG 65 and the ‘Hierarchy of Risk’:

Introducing ERIC PD:

  • E – Eliminate the risk
  • – Reduce the risk
  • I – Isolate the risk
  • C – Control the risk
  • P – PPE
  • D – Discipline

For a Dutyholder working under the new normal, statutory inspections must continue to be undertaken in order to satisfy the requirements of both the HSE and the insurer.

Guardian is the preferred supplier for AXA Insurance and as such, can advise that, at least for their part, it’s business as usual – i.e. they must continue to comply with the requirements of EaWR 1989 & BS7671:2018.

Under the Dutyholder Regulation 3 of EaWR 1989: Matters which are within your control, and given the opening statement regarding the hierarchy of risk and subsequently that statutory inspections must continue, where does the Dutyholder – in terms of FWIT – look for current guidelines, frequencies, tangible advice or an authoritative voice so that a professional compliant quote can be submitted?

Considering the Hierarchy of Risk and ERIC PD, do you want a visitor to your site and the additional worry that brings with it? Do you need to book a room, deliver an induction and issue PPE when technology can now Eliminate the risk?

Guardian has long been considered the market leader with respect to client education and delivering innovative and value-adding electrical compliance solutions. Its achievements are well documented throughout the industry and have been driven by technology and innovation, ensuring that the company can seamlessly support businesses to maintain safe working environments.

Consistent with its history of innovation, Guardian is in the fortunate position of being able to continue delivering its standard meetings through online meetings, with no particular software downloads required to participate. The risk of COVID-19 is completely eliminated as the technology allows Guardian to demonstrate its unique interactive website TraQit on screen, whilst commentary and client discussions continue throughout. With no vaccine or resolution in sight at the time of writing, that gives Dutyholders valuable peace of mind.