Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is undertaking a range of activities to safeguard operatives who will be working at height on a brand-new complex under construction for the British Museum.

The British Museum is to open a new £64 million complex, designed to increase the amount of its collections that the public are able to view. The British Museum Archaeological Research Collection, or BM Arc, is scheduled to open in 2023. The site is located at Shinfield in Berkshire, near Reading.

The centre, measuring 15,628 m2, will consist of three interconnected blocks, with areas for displays, storage and research. BM Arc is part of a planned partnership with the University of Reading.

Though the British Museum has a collection of around eight million objects, only 80,000 or so are visible at the main Bloomsbury site. The others are predominantly in storage. One of the largest of these storage sites is Blythe House in west London. This is to be sold by the government for an estimated £50 million, which will be put towards funding BM Arc. The rest of the funding will be provided by private donors.

Engineers from PTSG Access & Safety Ltd, one of PTSG’s four dedicated business divisions which provide a full range of specialist services, are installing all of the roof access equipment for BM Arc. This includes steps, levelled walkways, fall protection systems and access gantry platforms and ladders.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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