Steve Griffiths, Managing Director, UK Sprinklers Ltd. (now part of PTSG Fire Solutions)

At work

I established the UK Sprinklers business almost six years ago. The most important part of my job is working with and delighting our customers by delivering value-adding, compliant and safe solutions.

Our job is to help our customers to keep their customers safe from harm. It is essential to have a good and experienced knowledge of the standards that we work to and how to deliver the work safely and well – all of which has to be underpinned by strong design capabilities.

My favourite part of the job is dealing with the people we serve and new customers – being able to offer advice and coming up with the all-important ideas that are compliant, safe and practical for them to implement. You definitely have to be a people person to do this job. I really enjoy the work we do and, importantly, the difference we make.

Since PTSG acquired the business, there have been wide-ranging changes that have improved the way we do things and the services we offer – not least the fact the we are now part of a group that delivers some fantastic complementary nice specialist services. This has allowed us to implement many of the expansive plans that we wanted to put in place previously but couldn’t do because of our size and scale. The strength of PTSG linked to our experience and capabilities in the Fire Solutions arena is certainly a win-win for everyone concerned – not least our growing customer base.

At home

Spare time? What’s that? I am a family man, so I like to spend my free time with my family. I also do DIY because that helps me to focus outside of work.