In 2014, we launched MOUSE (Memorable, Outstanding, Unique, Service, Experience), a unique customer service-driven initiative. Each month, MOUSE speaks to someone in our team about their life inside and outside of work.

This month, we speak to Wayne Adams, the Group’s Sales Director for Fall Arrest Installations, to see what his job involves and what he gets up to when he’s out of the office.

At work
My role as Sales Director for Fall Arrest Installs within the Access and Safety Division keeps me busy, managing six business development managers across the UK. I am responsible for working with the team to help them to achieve their targets, as well as creating new opportunities for the Group by negotiating supply chain agreements.

I am very proud of what the team has achieved over that last seven years, creating the largest new installations division in the UK, and working on some of the county’s largest and most iconic sites. This is testament to the excellence and dedication of the team, which is something PTSG is well known for.

At home
I love sport of every kind, and have been fortunate to play football, rugby and cricket to a high level, although because of injury rugby is the only sport of the three I still play today. I also love to play golf, and I have an amazing partner who supports my sports (even though she finds the weather too cold to spectate around this time of year!).

When I’m not playing sport we love to go on holiday, seeing the world and enjoying some amazing experiences, and we also like going to concerts and other live events.