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Mansafe systems comprising stainless steel wire rope, posts and fixings provide users with an approved, tested and inspected method of safe access/work. These systems can be horizontal, vertical and overhead. Fall arrest systems allow users to access areas of a roof often close to the leading edge and the fall hazard. If a fall should occur, the system is designed to limit the distance and consequence of the fall, in conjunction with the correct fall protection PPE, whilst maintaining its fixing integrity to the roof structure and allow for the subsequent rescue or self-rescue.

Fall restraint systems are designed to ensure users do not enter the fall zone/hazard. They are positioned 2.3m or more away from any fall hazards and when used with the recommended 2m lanyard, prevent the user from entering the fall zone. These systems are tested to the same standards as fall arrest systems to guard against misuse or user error – e.g. using a rope and grab.

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