Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is currently on site at Thanckes Oil fuel Depot in Plymouth, where its engineers are providing specialist electrical services. 

Thanckes Oil Fuel Depot is operated by the Oil and Pipelines Agency. The site is on a peninsular of 97 acres on the west bank of the Hamoaze, just north of Torpoint, Cornwall. It holds up to 138,000 cubic metres of high flashpoint fuel for HM ships and other customers.  

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation planned a major project to update the fuel loading and fire-fighting capabilities at this Royal Navy base. As a result, the old pontoon and jetty are being decommissioned and a new jetty is being built within the confines of a ‘Special Area of Conservation’, in this case along the River Tamar in Cornwall. There also needs to be compliance with some very stringent environmental regulations. 

Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd are working alongside DEHN, delivering an HVI power conductor installation to protect the structures on the site. Access to the piles – deep foundations typically made from steel or reinforced concrete – will be gained from the water side, which will involve working on a moveable floating platform in the sea. 

As the UK’s leading provider of lightning and surge protection systems, and specialist earthing solutions, PTSG is the trusted partner of a wide range in many different industry sectors. 

Image: N Chadwick. Shared under Creative Commons Licence.

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