The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted all business to think carefully about the safety of its staff and customers for the ‘new normal’. Social distancing and rigorous sanitation measures are things that everyone can observe. However, businesses that are seen to be going the extra mile to try and eliminate the spread of the virus are the ones that will go from strength to strength.

Trinity Fire & Security Systems – part of PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd – has put together no fewer than 16 innovations for use by organisations in different sectors to keep users of their facilities safe – both staff and customers. The innovations are divided into the following four areas:

Removing touch points

This includes devices to enable people to exit and move through buildings without using their hands and facial recognition devices at terminals. These devices remove the need for security passes and fobs and actually speed up the usual processes.

Fever Monitoring

A mixture of fixed and mobile devices allow organisations versatility, with innovations including handheld, portable and fixed thermal fever screening and thermal facial recognition devices – which allow access at terminals by a facial image generated by a person’s body heat.

Social Distance Management

Density control systems, audible alerts and CCTV analytics are all ways for organisations to achieve the required social distancing in buildings. These devices monitor particular areas, remind people when their distancing is not at the required level and even detect when face masks are not being worn.

Portable Sanitising and Signage

Devices for the rapid dispensation of sanitiser and signage solutions are further ways to enable different organisations to take steps for stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Organisations of all kinds are welcome to contact PTSG for more information on these innovative devices to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities.

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