Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has completed an emergency project to dismantle a cracked chimney at a chemical plant in Glasgow.

Engineers from the Edinburgh office of PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd were performing a periodic inspection of the 40-metre steel chimney, when a horizontal crack was identified through the steel windshield. In the interests of safety, the Group’s engineers removed the entire chimney.

Two 80-tonne cranes were mobilised to site and the team’s steeplejack engineers dismantled the chimney in sections to allow the busy operational chemical plant to continue without any interruption to production. The entire emergency turnkey safety project was turned around within 24 hours, from identifying the issue to having the chimney safely dismantled and on the ground.

The manager of PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd in Edinburgh has over 35 years’ experience in working on chimney stack and other high structures. His team of engineers are trained and certified in a range of access techniques, employing innovation to find the best solution for each unique project.

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