Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been contracted to deliver specialist security solutions for the UK’s leading end-of-life charity.

The client is a registered charitable organisation which provides hospice care and support for anyone with an illness they’re likely to die from, and those close to them, and campaigns for better support for dying people.

The client has hospices in Belfast, Bradford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London (Hampstead), Liverpool, Newcastle, Penarth (near Cardiff), and in Solihull.

Engineers from PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd will install specialist security solutions such as access control solutions for hospices in Birmingham.

Access control is an effective method of controlling access and egress of people and vehicles to premises. This is a proactive security measure that is ‘part and parcel’ of a corporate security strategy in today’s world. PTSG is working in conjunction major manufacturers, including CEM, and Sensor Access Technology, to deliver bespoke access control systems for any business environment.

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