Paul Teasdale, the Chief Executive Officer of Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG), has been interviewed by Brian Shillibeer, Chief Correspondent of ThisWeekinFM, for the publication’s headline article.

The article is entitled ‘No Slowing Down for PTSG’, which comes after the milestone agreement earlier this year for the Group’s acquisition by Macquarie Group’s Ltd.’s Principal Finance business (Macquarie) for more than £300 million.

In a frank and open exchange with Brian Shillibeer, Mr Teasdale described PTSG’s journey over the past 12 years and alluded to the factors that are behind the company’s success. One factor that came through loud and clear was passion – passion for the FM sector and the desire to offer something genuinely new.

PTSG has experienced rapid growth and achieved a significant share of the markets in which it operates in a relatively short time. Compliance is one of the main areas of business for the Group. Mr Teasdale talked about PTSG’s good relationship with the larger FM companies and how they complement each other, doing things the other can’t or doesn’t want to do.

As for acquisitions, he was clear that PTSG doesn’t buy businesses to solve problems. The Group’s strategic acquisitions policy is about enhancing its business, taking the company into new niche markets and expanding its geographical coverage. PTSG can also help certain companies with their own growth curve.

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