On 11th July, Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) set sail on the Dixie Queen, a replica 19th century paddle steamer, for a fantastic evening of networking and entertainment along the River Thames. PTSG was the official entertainment sponsor for the event, which was arranged by TWINFM.

Representatives from the company boarded the river boat at Butlers Wharf Pier and took to the Thames at around 6pm, sailing down to the City of London Stadium taking in the sights of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, eventually passing through the Thames Barrier.

The Dixie Queen is London’s largest entertainment, conference and party boat. Every year the FM Boat Party proves a really memorable setting to talk to guests and meet potential new clients.

Entertainment was provided by Kieron ‘The Mighty’ Lefever. Kieron is an award-winning magician who can produce gifts from flashes of fire, find your signed playing card inside a block of ice or hammer a solid six-inch nail up his nose!

Kieron also wowed guests by solving a Rubik’s cube – packaged in a specially-branded PTSG box, pictured, with the line: “Your problem…solved!” Needless to say, he kept guests mesmerised throughout the evening. Guests could take their own PTSG Rubik’s cube away with them.

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