Premier Technical Services Group PLC’s (PTSG) Access & Safety division has secured a high-level design and installation contract with Britain’s first fashion-oriented homes.

The Versace Tower in London has been named ‘Britain’s first branded building’. Located in Knightsbridge, building work on the tower began in August of this year and is due to reach completion in late 2020. The tower is 50-stories high, with options ranging from one-bedroom apartments to entire-floor studios.

PTSG’s skilled team will work on a 3D building information modelling (BIM) compliant design for its supplier to manufacture. Once these steps have been completed, engineers will then be able to begin installation work on site.

Engineers are due to visit the site in the latter half of 2019 to begin the work. PTSG’s qualified engineers have a vast amount of experience working for prestigious, high-profile clients such as this, having recently completed several access and safety projects for Burberry.

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