Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been awarded a contract to provide specialist water hygiene and treatment services for the governing body for the county of Anglesey. 

Anglesey is an island in Wales, off the mainland’s northwest coast. Known for its beaches and ancient sites, the island is accessed by the 19th-century Menai Suspension Bridge and the Britannia Bridge, rebuilt in the 20th century. In the medieval town of Beaumaris, 13th-century Beaumaris Castle has concentric fortifications and a moat. 

In this new contract, engineers from PTSG Water Treatment Ltd will be carrying out a range of quarterly water hygiene and legionella monitoring activities such as routine flushing, descaling and temperature monitoring. In addition to this we will be providing annual inspections, servicing, water sampling, clean and disinfections. 

PTSG works with a number of local authorities in England and Wales, providing water hygiene, water treatment and consultancy services in accordance with the current recognised legislative requirements and best industry practice. 

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