Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has begun work providing specialist electrical services at the new press shop being constructed in Swindon for BMW.

The contract is between PTSG and King and Moffatt, mechanical and electrical contractors operating throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd (West Midlands and South West branch) are installing lightning protection on the roof of the press shop, via tapes and air terminals; connections to steel columns throughout high level and around the perimeter at low level.

They are also installing a buried copper tape grid within the floor slab on the ground floor and basement levels which need to be coordinated with the ground workers and concrete pourers.

Plant Swindon produces over 300 different parts dressed for the BMW body shell. PTSG has completed a number of contracts for BMW over the past several years. Back in March 2019, the Group received an order to perform fixed wire testing, also at BMW’s Swindon base.

Image credit: flickr… BMW Emblem – 2013 BMW X5 xdrive 35i | by HighTechDad

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