Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is continuing its drive to be a mental health champion in the workplace by running a special two-day training course for its staff, supply chain partners and customers.

On 25th and 26th February, Terry Wilcock (Director of Health and Safety) and Paul Campbell (Group Trainer and NVQ Assessor) will present the concept behind mental health first aid to those who want to be proactive in offering help and support to colleagues.

As with physical first aid, trained mental health first aiders learn how to spot the early warning signs associated with mental ill health and guide the affected person towards appropriate help. By creating mentally literate workplaces, PTSG is taking the first steps to a being a mentally-literate, compassionate company where people can thrive.

Mr Wilcock said: “We depend on having a healthy and productive workforce and we know that when our people feel their work is meaningful and they are valued and supported, they have higher levels of well-being, are more committed to the organisation’s goals and perform better.

“A mentally healthy workplace and increased employee engagement are interdependent – by looking after employees’ mental well-being, staff morale and loyalty, innovation, productivity and profits will all rise.”

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