Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is to provide vital specialist services at a new Muslim faith school in Harrow, London. Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd are contracted to install a lightning protection system to safeguard the new facilities in the event of an electrical storm.

The Hujjat School Trust was established in response to parental demand for a high performing Muslim faith school that could foster integration and promote cohesion in the wider community. Approved in 2016, a team of educationalists, business professionals, local parents, community members and faith leaders are working closely with the Department for Education to welcome the first Reception children in September 2020.

PTSG is the UK market leader in lightning protection services. The Group also installs and maintains surge protection and specialist earthing systems for customers throughout the UK. With a total of 29 centres of operation, the Group’s engineers can be mobilised at a moment’s notice to any location, providing a full range of specialist services including (but not limited to) building access and fall arrest equipment, portable appliance and fixed wire testing, high-level cleaning and repairs and fire solutions.

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