Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been contracted to deliver a new lightning protection system at the City Road project, known as The Arc, in East London.

Designed by architect AHMM, the development echoes red brick New York and Chicago buildings of the early 19th century.

The Arc tower will be split between six floors of office space in the building’s long podium topped with 16 storeys of luxury flats.

Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd will be installing a new lightning protection system to protect the tower in the event of an electrical storm.

The high voltage currents from a lightning strike will always take the path of least resistance to ground. A lightning protection system does not attract lightning, and cannot dissipate lightning, it simply provides fire and structural damage protection by preventing lightning from passing through building materials themselves. PTSG is the UK’s leading provider of lightning protection services.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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