Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been contracted to carry out a series of specialist services at one of London’s most desirable new residential developments.

Working with BAM Facilities Management, engineers from two of PTSG’s four business divisions will deliver servicing of fall arrest equipment including Mansafe systems and eyebolts at the new apartment blocks that make up Chelsea Creek.

Situated across 7.5 acres, Chelsea Creek has been described as London’s newest and most fashionable waterside development, combining stylish city living with blissful tranquillity. It offers a one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in a series of contemporary residential blocks. The development is a stone’s throw away from the famous King’s Road.

Integrated Facilities Management BAM has been delivering facilities management services to customers throughout the UK for almost 20 years. The company delivers support services to customers in the education, healthcare, retail and commercial sectors.

PTSG works with a large number of first tier contractors such as BAM Facilities Management, delivering specialist electrical services, high-level cleaning and repairs and fire solutions – in addition to its access and safety services. Increasingly, the Group delivers a combination of bundled services, delivering unbeatable convenience for its customers.

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