Premier Technical Services Group PLC’s (PTSG) Fire Solutions division has been awarded a contract to install sprinkler systems at a new hotel in London’s Trocadero.

Situated in the heart of London and occupying a whole city block, the Trocadero is currently split into a number of units, many of which are unused. The building is undergoing major transformation to be converted into one single hotel. The 740-bed hotel will employ approximately 200 people and will feature a keyless entry system, rain showers and instant messaging with staff.

PTSG’s Fire Solutions division is due to visit the site to install sprinkler systems throughout the hotel. Sprinkler systems are the most effective means of life and property fire protection available, limiting any outbreak of fire to a small area, which is especially important in such a large hotel.

PTSG’s engineers helps clients across the UK meet the demand for dependable fire safety systems, with a comprehensive fire solutions provision comprised of the installation and maintenance of wet risers, dry risers and sprinkler systems, emergency lighting and fire extinguisher services.

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