Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been contracted to provide specialist electrical services at a well-established residential development in Dulwich, South London. 

In 1946, London County Council acquired 37 acres of which 30 was set aside for housing development and about three and a half acres allocated for schools. The following year, the plans revealed that 748 dwellings would be built in three- or four-storey flats as well as 46 cottages. 

Over the years Kingswood Estate has remained attractive, a feat made easier by the enlightened retention of greensward and mature trees in the original design. Another success is the continued use of the original mansion – Kingswood House, as a focus for the community; its library being an essential anchor for this success. The average property price in Kingswood Estate is now £327,500. 

Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd were contracted to install a new lightning protection system at the development in Dulwich, which will protect buildings and users in the event of a lightning storm. 

PTSG works on a great many residential developments throughout the UK, with a substantial number in and around London. In addition to being the UK’s leading providing lightning protection services, the Group also provides façade access and fall arrest equipment services, electrical testing, high-level cleaning and maintenance services, fire and security solutions and water treatment. 

Image: Robin Stott. Shared under Creative Commons Licence.

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