Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has made a return to the University of Bath, one of the UK’s leading higher education institutions, which holds an impressive 9th place in the UK University Rankings.

Last year, engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd installed a lightning protection system on the new IAAPS (Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems) building. This has provided the university with the opportunity to increase momentum in developing future generations of zero emission vehicles.

This latest contract will see engineers carrying out lightning protection testing, cementing the already strong working relationship the Group has with the university.

PTSG has a large and rapidly growing portfolio of buildings in the education sector. The Group also provides services for universities in Sheffield, Hull, London, Newcastle, East Anglia and Birmingham – to name just a few. As a provider of multiple specialist services, PTSG delivers a full solution for a number of clients including Sheffield Hallam University, where engineers have provided fall arrest and electrical testing, as well as testing and maintaining the lightning protection system.

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