Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is delivering specialist building services for the UK headquarters of Alcura, a leading healthcare provider. 

Alcura partners with healthcare companies, professionals and organisations to provide innovative personalised solutions that improve patient care and treatment experience. The organisation operates in seven European countries: the UK, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Romania. 

In the UK, Alcura is based in Northampton. That’s where engineers from PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd have been completing a variety of cleaning and investigations to the roof of the building to ensure it is operationally sound. 

It is vitally important to ensure that roofs remain free from vegetation and the collection of rainwater, both of which can cause damage to the structural fabric. PTSG works on a wide variety of buildings, maintaining and cleaning their exteriors to the highest possible standard. Services encompass every part of a building’s façade – roofing, cladding, windows, lighting, signage, gutters (and fascia and soffits), coating, plus pest control and steeplejack services. 

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