Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) is to upgrade the lightning protection system at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne over the next two months.

As the UK’s market leader in the installation, test and inspection of lightning protection and earthing systems, PTSG is highly experienced in this kind of project, ensuring systems are operating at the optimum level to protect the users of all kinds of buildings. The Group has a large and growing portfolio in the education sector, and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne is a prestigious addition.

Dating back to 1834, when it was first established as a School of Medicine and Surgery, the University of Newcastle upon Tyne today has one of the largest EU research portfolios in the UK. There are around 175 full-time undergraduate degree programmes and 340 taught and research programmes.

PTSG is the UK’s leading supplier of specialist services and products to the construction and services sectors. It has 180,000 assets spanning all industry sectors; its education portfolio is serviced by engineers from Access & Safety (including building maintenance units, fall arrest and protection equipment), Building Access Specialists (including high-level cleaning, reparation and installations, and steeplejack services) and Fire Solutions (including fire suppression and prevention systems, fire alarms and emergency lighting).

Image: Sarah Cossom [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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