Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) is currently involved in the Woodsmith Mine project, where some spectacular mine shafts are being engineered; the Group’s Electrical Services engineers are providing extensive earthing for multiple substations across the site in North Yorkshire.

Woodsmith Mine is a deep potash and polyhalite mine located near Whitby in North Yorkshire. The venture was started by York Potash Ltd, which became a subsidiary of Sirius Minerals plc, whose primary focus is the development of the polyhalite project. Polyhalite is a unique multi-nutrient fertisliser.

The geology of Woodsmith Mine is very similar to that of Boulby mine, 18km north-west of the mine site, where two 1,100m deep shafts were sunk through a similar stratigraphy at the beginning of the 1970s and are still in operation today. Diaphragm walls – reinforced concrete retaining walls – are also used to create the first 60m of the main production mineshaft.

PTSG is proud to be involved in this major and spectacular project. All of the Group’s make buildings, systems and equipment safer and more efficient for their users. Earthing is the creation of an alternative path for the flow of fault or excessive currents safely to ground. It is an integral part of any electrical system and essential in keeping both people and equipment safe.

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